One of MPPD’s main goals is to develop an economically viable project that will allow our ratepayers to benefit from reduced electricity costs. Reliance on diesel fuel has made our operating costs, and therefore our rate, increase to levels that are unsustainable in our natural resource-based and seasonal economy.

We are currently considering a single 100kW turbine for the island. Preliminary research shows that such a turbine would generate more than enough power to meet the island’s winter electricity needs while still offsetting diesel consumption during the increased demand of the summer months. To further increase the viability of the project, we will be considering different applications for the excess energy that is generated during the winter. Using the electricity for space heating is one promising option for that excess, particularly as it would also reduce heating costs on the island. Another option would be an advanced method of long-term storage that uses hydrogen and a fuel cell.

As part of our feasibility assessment, we will work with experts to prepare a detailed economic analysis of the project. Using information on the site’s wind resource and current patterns of electricity usage, we will be able to calculate the amount of money a wind-diesel system will be able to save, the rate for which we will need to charge for electricity and the project’s payback period. Findings from this analysis will be available in late Spring 2009.

Project Support
In order to lower the project costs that would need to be reflected in MPPD’s electricity rate, we are currently exploring a number of options for pre-development funding and long-term financing.

It is our hope that the innovative nature of this project and its remote island setting will attract support from investors, foundations and the state and federal government. More details on the funding and financing scheme will be posted soon.