Monhegan Community Wind: Exploring affordable renewable power to meet the needs of Monhegan's ratepayers.

Latest News

June 2010: MPPD continues to encourage Monhegan residents and visitors to visit 100 kW turbines in the New England area in order to get a better sense of the machine that might be installed on Monhegan. The turbine at the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield, NH is located at a quiet site tucked between the White Mountains and is the closest to Monhegan. For a list of other 100 kW turbines in New England and background information on the Whitefield, NH turbine, please see the Wind Power Resources section.

August 17, 2009: Monhegan ratepayers and taxpayers voted August 12th on whether or not to continue on with the wind power project.  Of the 170 ballots sent, 109 were returned.  The results were 82 in favor, 25 opposed and 2 abstained.  On August 15th, the MPPD Board of Trustees and the Wind Power Committee met to review all of the comments that were included on the ballots and to discuss the issues that were raised.  The three Trustees then voted unanimously to move onto Phase II.  Over the coming months, the wind power team will work to develop a financing plan and schedule of studies to be completed.

Please continue to check this site for updates on the process and findings from the studies.

August 6, 2009: Slides from the 7/31 Q&A session are available on the Resources page.  Issues covered include the community wind model, the project process and timeline, consideration of a cable and the vote itself.

July 27, 2009: Thanks to everyone that attended the community meeting on July 20. The presentation from that evening is now available along with several resources that address the issue of wind turbines and human health. Updates have also been made to the FAQ section.

Past News

  • July 15, 2009: The website has been updated with new content including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, the avian studies reports, and a copy of the presentation given on July 2, 2009.

  • May 28th, 2009: All interested individuals are invited to attend the first of several summer informational meetings on the results of the project’s preliminary feasibility work. Speakers will include MPPD, George Baker (VP, Community Wind, Island Institute), Richard Podolsky (Senior Ecologist, Monhegan Wind avian studies) and Suzanne Pude, Community Wind Director, Island Institute). We hope to see you Thursday, May 28th, 6:30pm at the Noveltoo.

  • April 2009: Voters at the Monhegan Annual Town Meeting approved MPPD’s request for funds for a wind power feasibility assessment. Read more about the Town Meeting here.

  • March 2009: MPPD has begun working with several experts to assess the feasibility of a single turbine wind project atop Lighthouse Hill. In November 2008 we hired noted ornithologist Dr. Richard Podolsky to begin a series of avian surveys. Dr. Podolsky’s work will help us to better understand the types of birds that can be found at the site. We have also begun our analysis of the project’s economics and will be producing sound and visual impact studies by early summer.

Upcoming events

  • July 31, 2009: Community Meeting
    MPPD will be hosting an additional meeting at 7pm at the Schoolhouse. Very brief updates will be given (including photo simulations) and the rest of the meeting will be directed by questions from the community. Please email us with your questions in advance or drop them in the wind power box at the Monhegan Store.

  • August 12, 2009: Project Vote
    A vote of Monhegan ratepayers and taxpayers will determine whether or not MPPD will continue on to the permitting and financing phase of the wind power project. From 5-5:30pm at the Monhegan Church, there will be a Question and Answer period. Ballots will be collected at 5:30pm and results will be announced that same evening. The MPPD Board of Trustees will hold a meeting shortly after to officially vote on whether or not to proceed to Phase II.

Ballots will be sent via mail during the last week in July for those unable to attend the meeting. Votes will be counted anonymously but they must be in an envelope with your return address and be received by 4pm on August 12 in order to be valid.